How psychotherapy can help you and your loved ones

Psychotherapy can help you relieve emotional pain, resolve conflicts, expand your potential for growth, and improve relationships. Perhaps you just need a space to explore your life purpose and have a smoother life transition. Perhaps you are looking for practical tools to alleviate stress from modern living. Working with you on whatever your needs are, I can be your guide on this journey of self-discovery and healing, and help bring positive change to your life.

My style is warm and active. I will collaborate with you to understand and fine-tune your existing strengths. Through our work together, we will uncover hidden patterns of thoughts and behaviors that are no longer useful to you, yet continue to be roadblocks to a more satisfying life. I can assist you to reflect and resolve unpleasant memories that still impact you in tangible or intangible ways. We can explore new skills that will bring balance to your inner and outer life.

Types of services I provide

Individual, Couple & family therapy

Consultation for parents or schools

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Support Groups

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